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Campus Grown

Campus Grown

University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 752-6741


Each piece takes over TWO YEARS to create so you can use and enjoy it for a lifetime!


Step one
The wood is seasoned for one year before its first woodturning.  Once the wood is cut down to large logs it ‘seasons' for up to one year. This crucial first step ensures moisture evaporation which strengthens the integrity of the final piece.

wood blanks

Step two

The logs are cut into ‘blanks.' Their sizes will vary depending on the end use.

Barry Hanna uses the lathe

Step three

The blanks are ‘roughed,' meaning the artist roughs out the actual form of the final piece (bowl, vase, utensil, etc.) during its first wood-turning.  Once complete the bowl will cure for another year before the final woodturning process is complete.

first roughs

Step four

The ‘roughs' cure one more year before their final turn, sand, and seal. This extensive process ensures the piece will not crack during or after its creation.

the final product

Step five

After the initial roughs cure for a full year, the pieces will receive their second and final woodturning. It is at this stage that the artist sculpts the fine details, finishes the forms with a sanding sealer, and hand-buffs them with food-safe organic carnauba or beeswax.